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Non-Invasive Neuromodulation and peripheral neuropathy

tVNS is a form of neuromodulation that may reduce pain and normalize function in patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy

You probably have never heard of neuromodulation. But it is the single most important technology available to offer hope to people suffering from long standing neuropathic pain. See if you have pain like neuropathy for many years, changes occur in the brain and spinal cord. When this happens, treating the feet to relieve neuropathy pain will likely fail.  That is why most doctors tell their patients neuropathy pain gets progressively worse over time and that the neuropathy sufferer will need to “learn to live with it.” Does this sound familiar?  

But there are methods to try to block pain, not in the feet, but in the brain and spinal cord; they have funny names like transcranial direct current stimulation and trans-spinal spinal cord stimulation.  They are new and exciting, safe and effective techniques to relieve pain and restore nerve function in conditions like neuropathy.

Our Chief-of-Staff, Dr. Kukurin is a world leader in the application of these innovative neuromodulation  techniques to treat painful conditions like neuropathy.

The results his patients have obtained using the methods Dr. Kukurin has pioneered have been the subject of worldwide scientific symposiums.

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Electrical stimulation of scalp acupuncture points blocks pain.