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Peripheral Neuropathy treatment in Phoenix

Peripheral Neuropathy: Finding the right doctor in the Phoenix area to provide you with safe and effective treatment for your neuropathy isn't easy. The truth of the matter is that there are very few FDA approved treatments for neuropathy. Currently there are only 2-3 drugs that are approved for neuropathy symptoms. So I probably don't have to tell you, that if you have neuropathy, you are pretty much on your own. The bad news is, because there are so few approved treatments for neuropathy, many doctors don't want to be bothered treating people suffering from this disease. They simply don't have anything to offer. The good news is that research is offering hope…. (Continued below-right) >>>

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 … and help to the thousands of neuropathy patients who previously didn't have many viable options for relief.

Researchers are finding promising treatments for patients suffering from neuropathy in some unexpected places.

One exciting treatment is acupuncture. A three thousand year old therapy that seems to not only relieve the pain of neuropathy, but may actually help damaged nerves to function normally again. There is no current medication that can do that.  More neuropathy info


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