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Types of neuropathy

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Idiopathic-Toxic Neuropathy

Many times the cause of a person’s neuropathy can not be determined, this is called “idiopathic neuropathy”

We have found that too often idiopathic neuropathy is in reality a side effect of medication. DON’T stop taking your prescribed meds, but definitely check with your pharmacist to see if one or more of your medications might be contributing to your neuropathy symptoms.   If you find evidence that your neuropathy might be a drug side effect, take that information to your doctor for discussion. This page provides links to help you, but, remember information changes daily. Chronic exposure to heavy metals and chemicals can also be a missed caused of “idiopathic neuropathy” Blood tests for heavy metal toxicity are only useful for recent exposure.

Hair analysis is rarely performed, but many neuropathy specialists believe it is a much better test for chronic toxicity.  Remember, finding the reason for your neuropathy is essential for optimal relief.

Medications and neuropathy

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Drugs that cause neuropathy

Nerve Cells (above) are sensitive to medications and toxins.